Day: March 3, 2017

HIPAA interpretation leads to incomplete information in police CAD calls

The Cowley County consolidated 911 dispatch center came under scrutiny during a recent meeting of the City Commission of Arkansas City. After the meeting, Ark City Daily Bytes requested and inspected numerous emails, spanning more than a year and a half, from local government officials in order to verify claims […]

Grouse Creek Academy provides hands-on training, welcoming atmosphere

In an effort to announce the Grouse Creek Academy, Brian Black and Nathan McClure invited Ark City Daily Bytes to be among the first to use the range. McClure, who has an extensive history within the firearms training industry, gave me some hands-on firearms instruction when I visited the property […]

Grouse Creek Academy, first of its kind in Kansas, set to open soon locally

Cowley County soon will be home to a brand-new firearms training facility, thanks to the vision of county native Brian Black. The facility, Grouse Creek Academy, is being constructed on Black’s family property on Grouse Creek Road. “I grew up in this house … I learned how to shoot out […]

Lions Club helps village home of international Cowley College student Melly

One international Cowley College student will return home from America with more than just an education. Simion Melly, a native of Kenya, Africa, was raised in a small village that does not have a naturally occurring source of clean water. He grew up in Sinendet village, which lies 40 miles […]

The wonder of vinegar: Household cleaner, laundry aid, rug restorer

Household cleaner, laundry aid, rug restorer Did you ever wonder how our grandmothers cleaned their homes before harsh chemical cleaners were available? One of the most versatile cleaning products available is regular white distilled vinegar. Vinegar not only is versatile, but it is very affordable. A gallon-sized jug of vinegar […]