Day: August 11, 2017

The Return, by Suzanne Woods Fisher, a complex, highly enjoyable read

Best-selling novelist Suzanne Woods Fisher returns to her Amish Beginnings series in The Return. Fisher treks underutilized territory as this novel centers around a young Amish woman who is kidnapped by Native Americans in a raid. The rest of the novel deals with the fallout of this event. We follow Betsy, the captured woman, as well as the others affected by the event. Fisher does a wonderful job of weaving together all of the story lines in this novel. The characters are wonderfully developed and complex. You really feel for them and what they are going through. Even though this is the third novel in a series, it can be read without having to read the others first. However, readers probably will have a deeper appreciation of the story if they have read the two preceding novels. Due to the nature of the subject matter of this story, there is some violence depicted. While this might upset some readers, it is obvious that Fisher did her research on the matter and it is historically accurate. Overall, this was a highly enjoyable novel that I would recommend to fans of historical fiction, as well pioneer fiction. Disclaimer: I was provided a free copy of this book. However, all opinions are my own. Click here to purchase your copy. About The Return Book Title: The Return Author: Suzanne Woods Fisher Release...

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DARE Camp pairs summer fun with serious scenarios to set kids straight

Ark City Police Department officers and staff spent several days this week at DARE Camp, teaching middle schoolers about drugs, alcohol and bullying. School Resource Officer Chase Hobart, who is assigned to Arkansas City Middle School, was among the officers on hand to educate the students. Serious discussion topics were interspersed with fun activities, while campers enjoyed meals provided by area civic groups such as Kiwanis and Optimists. Approximately 80 students attended the annual event at Camp Quaker Haven. DARE stands for Drug Awareness Resistance Education. Serious scenario The students followed a scenario throughout the camp that allowed them to see how drug and alcohol addiction can affect their lives and the lives around them. “On the first day, Amy — new girl in school — makes friends with the popular girls, who invite her to a party,” Hobart said, describing the scenario. “She meets Daniel — a jock — and he gets her to drink and take prescription drugs.” On the second day, “Daniel” and “Amy” begin a romantic relationship on social media. This relationship leads to the young couple “sexting.” “(On) Day 3, Daniel tries bullying Amy into sending more pics, otherwise he’d show (them to) everyone — even though he already did,” Hobart said. On the last day of camp, Amy tries to “kill” herself by overdose because she is depressed and alone after she becomes...

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City Commission candidate’s citation dropped after Mata allegations made

City Commission candidate Tim Perry appeared Aug. 1 in Arkansas City Municipal Court in connection with a ticket citing him for misdemeanor disorderly conduct. The ticket was issued June 13 by the Arkansas City Police Department and lists the 100 block of East Fifth Avenue as the location of the incident. While the citation was dismissed by the city prosecutor, Tamara Niles, she said it only was because she determined — after reviewing the facts of the case, city ordinances and applicable laws — that she would not be able to prove Perry guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. “Specifically, city ordinance regarding disorderly conduct based on speech requires language to be ‘fighting words,’” Niles explained. “This is because many forms of speech, even speech that is alarming to an individual, are protected by the First Amendment unless they ‘inflict injury’ or incite ‘an immediate breach of the peace.’ I could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the offending language in this single incident met these factors.” Cited, not arrested Perry filed several handwritten documents with the court prior to his Aug. 1 appearance. In one such document, faxed on June 21 and addressed to “Municipal Court Clerk, Ark City Municipal Court” and “City Attorney,” Perry states: “I motion for discovery because I don’t know who the complainant or plaintiff is. Eric Mata ACPD said I said see you...

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