Day: November 17, 2017

Direct Primary Care clinic unveils new name: CowleyHealthWoRX

A new concept in health and wellness for Cowley County is set to open its doors in just a few weeks. Cowley HealthWoRX is a Direct Primary Care clinic formed through a partnership between South Central Kansas Medical Center and Revere Healthcare Solutions Inc. (RHS). Located on the medical center campus at 6403 Patterson Pkwy. in Arkansas City, the clinic hopes to be a catalyst for improved health within the community by emphasizing preventative health care. The partners have been working together for several months to prepare for the previously unnamed clinic’s opening Jan. 2, 2018. “We have put a great amount of thinking in identifying and designing a brand which is meant to signify the evolution of SCKMC from a traditional facility delivering reactive health care to a center for health and wellness for our community” said Virgil Watson, SCKMC’s chief executive officer. “We believe that as far as our community is concerned, Cowley HealthWoRX will be the front door for this change towards preventative health care.” In addition to preventative health, Cowley HealthWoRX will offer traditional primary care services, occupational health and testing services without the typical wait times for appointments or red tape from insurance companies. The clinic is employer-driven, meaning it is designed to be offered as a benefit to a company’s employees with no out-of-pocket deductibles or office visit co-pays for individuals who are...

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Letter to the Editor: F.R. Smith on outdoor testing at Chilocco

To Whom It May Concern: I live a little over a mile north of the proposed chemical testing site (at Chilocco Indian School) and I’d like to share my thoughts. First of all, I actually think that such testing is probably a good idea, as it is being proactive on something that COULD happen in the future. However, the way this was handled has caused many of the citizens of this area, many of whom already had a deep distrust of government, to feel as if it all were planned behind their backs with no regard to their concerns. Therefore, even though I can accept that the chemicals to be used are PROBABLY harmless, many, many people who live in this area are inclined NOT to believe it, because of the way it was snuck in on us. We here on the Kansas side of the border, between Kansas and Oklahoma, are much more susceptible to any residual effects from this testing than is anyone in Oklahoma, since the test can only be run if the wind is blowing to the north (which is almost always does around here). Therefore, to have the contract entered into by OSU without any notice to or input from the people on the Kansas side was a strategic mistake. As to the safety of the proposed chemicals: Sadly, it seems that we find out...

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Letter to the Editor: Jeff Judd on outdoor testing at Chilocco

After careful consideration of the captioned subject, I conclude that your plan to simulate a chemical attack on the premises of Chilocco Indian School is ill-conceived. The communities of Arkansas City, KS and Newkirk, OK are aligned squarely against this test. We don’t want this in our back yard. If practice is needed in assessing the deleterious effects of biological agents, it should be done in an environment likely to be attacked, for one thing. For a second, the claim of chemical inertia makes it even more plausible to carry out this test in a place like the U.S. Capitol Building or the Homeland Security Building. I suggest you practice on your own people, on your own families, and leave us the hell alone. Jeff Judd Arkansas City, KS Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new...

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SCKMC has to pay back lab outreach money, posts $1.5 million pretax loss

With one more month remaining in 2017, South Central Kansas Medical Center announced an overall loss thus far, before sales tax, of $1.5 million. Those excess expenses over revenue are due in part to increased costs of doing business, but several projects that were put into place to generate money instead have had the opposite effect. A lab outreach program that was started in February initially showed a $1.1 million profit. However, it now seems a large portion of that money will have to be returned to the insurance companies that paid it to begin with. “On the lab outreach, the million (in) revenue, how much of that is going to be paid out?” City Manager Nick Hernandez asked at Thursday’s meeting of the SCKMC Board of Trustees. “About $900,000,” replied SCKMC Chief Executive Officer Virgil Watson. “Do you know the timeline?” asked Mayor Dan Jurkovich. “Hopefully, we can settle it before the beginning of the year,” Watson said. “So (overall) that’s $1.8 or $1.9 million worse than last year?” Hernandez said. “Yes. But things have changed since last year,” Watson said. “And things will change next year. We just have to move forward with Winfield Medical Arts and our Direct Primary Care (clinic).” “And in 2019, we’ll lose $800,000 in sales tax,” Hernandez said. “Unless we renew it,” Watson responded. “Operationally, we aren’t as good as we were,”...

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Turano delivers laugh-out-loud historical romance in Out of the Ordinary

Jen Turano delivers another charming, laugh-out-loud novel with her newest release, Out of the Ordinary. The second novel in the Apart from the Crowd series follows characters first introduced in Behind the Scene. Gertrude Cadwalader is a companion to an elderly society lady with a big problem — she’s a kleptomaniac. When her employer’s escapades land Gertrude in hot water, Harrison Sinclair comes to her rescue. This leads to a sweet story about friendship turning into love. On top of that, there was a nice mystery plot that was fun to watch unfold. Turano does a wonderful job of...

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