Day: December 19, 2017

Two Winfield residents arrested Dec. 17 for forgery, identity theft, drugs

The Arkansas City Police Department arrested two Winfield residents recently and executed a search warrant in Winfield in connection with a forgery case. Cole Allen Hubbard, 26, was arrested Dec. 15 on suspicion of felony counts of forgery, identity theft, interference with a law enforcement officer and making false information, as well as theft by deception, which is a misdemeanor. He was transported to and booked into the Cowley County Jail in lieu of $23,000 bond through Cowley County District Court in Arkansas City. Hubbard remained in custody at the time of this release. Charity Melane Kropp, 30, of Winfield, was arrested Dec. 17 on suspicion of felony possession of methamphetamine and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia. Kropp was transported to and booked into the county jail in lieu of $6,000 bond through Arkansas City district court. She also remained in custody at the time of this release. Officers were dispatched around 4:44 p.m. Dec. 15 to Country Mart, located at 616 N. Summit St. in Arkansas City, for a report of a person trying to cash a fraudulent check. A store employee recognized the person, who allegedly had cashed a fake check within the past week at the same location. Police arrived and contacted a man who identified himself as Christopher Bridgewater. They learned the check he attempted to cash was fraudulent. He was arrested and taken to...

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Opinion: Black Friday experience proves Christmas is love-giving season

As the final leaves drift from the lonely branches of bare trees, we give thanks for another bountiful year and engage in the holiday bustle. I often hear stories of hateful attitudes and unpleasant people who fill local stores and busy streets as holiday shopping becomes stressful and urgent. But honestly, I have yet to see it. This year, I attended a Black Friday event for the first time, against the advice of many, many people. I was warned that it was dangerous, the people were rude and the lines were unbearable. Now, I will admit the lines were somewhat long. However, in every other respect, what I experienced was, in fact, the very meaning of “holiday spirit.” As I made my way through the store, I was greeted with “excuse me,” “please,” “thank you” and all of the other good-manner phrases that ought to be used every day. What I found as I leaned timidly forward to reach a product was that customers nearer than I not only were happy to let me in, but also to help each other to find the right items and sizes. Perhaps, at least here in our lovely town, those who have unpleasant experiences with these events have the wrong attitude themselves. Then there are the anti-Christmas spirit advocates — those who have determined that Christmas spirit only is acceptable during the...

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In Paradox Bound, Clines weaves time travel tale with deft, expert touch

I first discovered Peter Clines when I received a copy of The Fold for review. I ended up loving it and since have kept my eyes open for new novels of his. I was doubly excited when I found out his new novel, Paradox Bound, centers on one of my all-time favorite subjects. The novel follows Eli and a mysterious woman named Henry as they search for the “American dream” through time. If that premise doesn’t grab your attention, then consider that they are on the run from literally faceless bad guys looking to stop them. Clines’ writing is very visual and it would be the perfect source material to adapt into a movie. Faced-paced and hitting all of the notes you’d expect, Paradox Bound is a highly enjoyable tale with cameos from famous figures and a new spin on time travel. I really enjoy the way that Clines uses time travel in the story, taking it and giving it his own flavor. In the hands of a lesser writer, time travel can become a tired and overdone trope, but Clines handles it with expert ease. I enjoyed the characters of Eli and Henry, and was thoroughly engrossed in the outcome of the story. Fans of alternative history and science fiction should give Paradox Bound a shot — it’s worth the time. About Clines Peter Clines has published several pieces...

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Becky Reid: Mindfulness tips during the holidays help to manage stress

You don’t need anyone to tell you the holidays can be stressful. Extra expectations, parties and tasks can be stressful, too. Sarah Diamond from Kansas State University’s School of Family Studies and Human Services summarizes a few mindfulness strategies that can help to reduce stress and allow you to experience a calmer holiday season: Practice active listening. It can be easy to “tune out” during all the holiday hustle and bustle. By minimizing distractions, you might be surprised how much more you observe and hear, which can be very rewarding. Be open to the emotions of others. Consider the feelings of others around you during the holiday season. You can increase your ability to connect by being observant and receptive to them. Be open to a range of emotions in yourself. Unfortunately, the holiday season can trigger a mixture of emotions that are not always joyful. Consider allowing yourself space and recognize these feelings you might experience, instead of seeking to lose them. Let go of old habits or patterns that might hold you back. There are many traditions and memories that the holidays bring. However, sometimes old patterns can disseminate negativity. Be mindful of patterns that are bothersome. Allow yourself to be open to new experiences. Expand how you communicate care. Many cultures practice gift-giving during the holidays. But there are many additional ways to show you care. Before...

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