My movie choices rarely include actors I don’t enjoy watching. I think that’s pretty normal for most people.

Sometimes my choices do not align with my husband’s, which also is normal.

But last weekend, when we both were ill, we watched a lot of movies. One of them was “The Accountant.”

Now, I think I’ve been fairly clear about my dislike of Ben Affleck’s acting ability.

When my husband told me Affleck played the lead character, I nearly wrote off the entire movie — especially after seeing “Batman v Superman.”

“The Accountant,” however, was pleasantly surprising. The movie also stars Anna Kendrick and J.K. Simmons — both actors whom I genuinely enjoy watching.

Affleck’s character has Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of neurological disorder that is seen on the high-functioning end of the autistic spectrum.

His character does not speak that much, nor does he interact with many characters in a meaningful way. And did I mention he might be borderline genius with numbers?

Now, I don’t believe the way Asperger’s is portrayed in the movie, or the methods shown of coping with it, are exactly correct. But keep in mind that it is only a movie.

Affleck and Kendrick are kind of like the love story in this movie, except that there is not really a question of whether “they will.” His character is quite clear about not being able to connect.

But the way Affleck’s and Simmons’ characters actually are connected is not entirely expected.

The movie jumps around from one time frame to another, and back and forth among three different, seemingly unconnected story lines.

“The Accountant” has been out since last October, but I don’t recall it making great waves in the news or in previews. It would be forgotten easily if the actors didn’t resonate with the viewer.

The parts that held my attention the best had little to do with the more complex components of the movie, but centered more on the way it all comes together.

As a bonus, the action parts of the film are fantastic. Simmons said on Jimmy Kimmel that Affleck was more bad-ass than Batman. So there is that to anticipate.

All in all, I would recommend “The Accountant” as a fun watching experience worth checking out.