Eddie Andreo, Cowley College associate vice president of distance learning and site management, recently completed the Kansas Community College Leadership Institute program.


Each year, Cowley College has the opportunity to send one of its top performing emerging leaders to a yearlong leadership development program designed by and operated through the Kansas Community College Leadership Institute, according to Cowley College President Dennis Rittle.

“These types of trainings serve as crucial conduits for the leaders of tomorrow to undergo the needed transformation today,” Rittle said.

The program featured speakers and a broad array of topics, and was directed by former Butler Community College President Jackie Vietti and Linda Fund, executive director of the Kansas Association of Community College Trustees.

Andreo said he found the training both engaging and challenging.

“I have learned more than I had ever imagined over the past year about all facets of community college inner workings, and for that, I am deeply grateful,” he said.

This information was provided by Cowley College Director of Institutional Communications and Public Relations Rama Peroo.