Ann Long


Ann Long has been a fixture at Traver’s Furniture for 10 years, but this is the last week she’ll work for Traver Herman — she is officially retiring.

“I’m sad that she’s leaving,” Herman said. “It’s going to be hard to replace her.”

During her time at the store, Long has handled many aspects of retail.

“I manage; I help keep the store clean … I’m a bit of a janitor,” she said. “Whatever needs to be done, I do it.”

Long has plans for her retirement, but nothing has been set in stone yet. Her husband, Gary Long, has been retired for eight years.

Between visiting family and friends and a potential home renovation, she is likely to stay very busy.

Herman family

She said the beauty of working at Traver’s was being like part of the family.

Long worked for Herman’s father for more than a decade when he owned the furniture store.

“I watched Traver grow up,” she said.

Herman’s two sons have grown up in the store, as well.

“They’ve been up here, running through the store,” she said.

Her favorite part of the job was the people.

“I love my customers,” she said. “Absolutely, it has been fun.”

Delivery capers

Long said her funniest memories are about the delivery boys that the store has employed through the years.

“Traver worked for me as a delivery boy. He and one of his friends had a delivery in Newkirk,” she said.

When the pair stopped to buy gas, the friend was inside the gas station for a long time.

“Traver got tired of waiting on him, and Traver left him there,” she said with a smile.

Herman’s father made him retrieve the other delivery boy in his own vehicle.

Another story she shared was about the delivery of a new love seat.

Before the delivery boys left, she told them to strap the piece down so it wouldn’t move while they were transporting it.

She said she received a telephone call later: “This customer won’t accept this double-reclining love seat. I said ‘Why not?’ and they said that it fell off the trailer, and fell off the highway and rolled into a ditch,” Long said.

The delivery boys had put the love seat back on the trailer and still tried to deliver it.

Afterwards, they drew Long a picture of a love seat with wings on it. That picture still is on the bulletin board at the back of the furniture store.

“They’ve all been awesome kids, but they’ve all done stupid stuff,” she said, smiling.