As with every previous release of the iPhone, the anticipated release of the iPhone 7 has caused a stir with loyal users.

There have been rumors of design changes for many months, including the elimination of the headphone jack.

There have been several online sources that have demonstrated this change with what they call prototypes “direct from China.”

However, it is likely that no one will know for sure until the new iPhone is rolled out later this month.

The idea of change has caused a stir closer to home, as well.

“It’s a terrible idea,” said Josh Hawkins. “One of the best things about the iPhone is that it is also an MP3 player, and unless they are doing a wireless headset with them, then it’s terrible.”

“They are including an adapter out of the box, so you will still be able to use your headphones,” said Kevin Scruggs. “As technology moves forward, changes must be made in the name of progress. It’s an annoying, yet understandable, move.”

“I have wireless headphones/headset I use all the time that I love, but between those being pricy and people using (auxiliary) inputs with cars and stereos, it seems like an inconvenience,” said Galen Hamilton. “If they offer an adapter, than that would be good.”

Hamilton and Scruggs both hypothesized the move could be due to Apple’s recent acquisition of the Beats by Dre headphone brand.

“I wonder if the decision was driven more by design or more from a push for people (to) update their technology and/or promote people to use hands-free handsets,” Hamilton said.

“Good insight, probably a little bit of both. Apple loves to simplify. Do they have any high-priced wireless headphone up-sells?” Scruggs said.

“I think it’s kind of lame — unless they’re still going to give you free headphones when you buy the phone,” said Paisley Howerton. “I mean, wireless headphones sound pretty fantastic. But wires don’t bother me enough to run out and buy those headphones.”

One question is whether headphones will be included with the purchase of iPhones that will have a different connector.

On Unbox Therapy’s YouTube channel, Lewis Hilsenteger speculates that the next set of headphones could have a Lightning connector. In one video, he actually tests a set of headphones that have such a connection. What he discovered was a less than stellar sound quality.

The lack of a headphone jack is likely not to be the only change seen in the iPhone 7. Other changes, according to, may be varied.

“Yet again, rumors about (the) iPhone Home button (are) surfacing on the internet and Bloomberg believes that (the) iPhone 7 may include (a) pressure-sensitive Home button that will respond with vibrating sensation to the pressure. This is one of the most interesting features (of the) upcoming iPhone 7,” the site states.

The site also claims Apple is trying to make the new iPhone thinner. Rumors state the new product might be 1 millimeter thinner than the iPhone 6S.

The site also predicts that Apple will use Fan Out technology to increase the number of I/O terminals within a package, based on some accounts.

This technology might help the device to have more battery capacity, as well as minimize issues with loss of signal.

One rumor claims the new iPhone 7 may ditch the aluminum casing and go back to all-glass body — a move that never was all that popular with iPhone users.