Ark City Greenhouses recently was named the sixth-best greenhouse in Kansas by

Ark City Greenhouses

Photo Jeni McGEE

During the Memorial Day weekend, the greenhouse will offer a special — buy two, get one free on most plants.

The greenhouse, which is owned by Joelyn Squires and located at 836 E. Kansas Ave., has been in Arkansas City for 39 years.

She and her husband, Bob, built both the greenhouse and the attached shop where customers come to pick up their orders — be they flower arrangements, memorial wreaths or flowers and vegetables for planting.

“I really like working in the greenhouse — planting and seeing things grow,” Squires said with a smile. “I’ve done this for 39 years, so I have to like it.”

Employee Jennifer Kraut said she also enjoys working with the plants. “In the spring, we plant a million seeds, it seems like,” she said.

The greenhouse is full of plants. Some of them even are permanent fixtures inside the structure.

Some of the potted plants are mixed by the staff during the spring. “We all love to get dirt underneath our fingernails,” Kraut said.

She also attempts to save any plants that have become overgrown, as well as make starters out of trimmings.


Photo by JENI McGEE

“I love saving the plants — I’m weird,” Kraut said.

“It’s hard work — there’s always something to do,” said Joelyn Squires.

Kraut could not name a particular flower that customers favor.

“People like the petunias and the geraniums,” she said. “I couldn’t tell you what’s the most popular.”

Some of the easiest flowers to grow in this area include periwinkle and snapdragons.

Hibiscus also is a flower that fares well in typical Kansas weather.

Before starting a garden, Squires suggests that individuals “read up on it.”

Plants are not created equally — some like the sun, but some others do not.

“We discourage planting (flowers) in the wrong place,” Squires said.