The Arkalalah Medallion has been found — this year by a pair of women.

Amanda Shelton and Janine Hageberg find Arkalalah Medallion

Courtesy photo

Amanda Shelton and Janine Hageberg found the medallion Oct. 24 at Knebler Pond.

“The clues led me right to it,” Shelton said. “I have lived in Ark City my whole life, so you could say I’m seasoned about everywhere you could possibly look.”

This also is not the first time Shelton has found the medallion. “My friend and I found (it) once before, about seven to eight years ago,” she said.

“If anybody knows me, they know that I live for Arkalalah every year! I am a diehard medallion hunter.”

This year, several clues led her to local fishing holes.

“There are only two places to fish in Ark City,” Shelton said. “I was at Veterans (Memorial) Lake all morning. I then thought about the other fishing place in Ark City.”

“If you follow the clues, that led you right to it,” she said of the medallion’s hiding spot at Knebler Pond.

“Ark City city limit signs are on every bridge coming into town. We found it where you park by the last pond and a tree by the roundabout.”

Shelton and Hageberg will turn the medallion in to Union State Bank on Oct. 25 to receive their prize.