Arkansas City Community Theatre (ACCT) will have its next meeting at 10 a.m. March 17 in the promenade of the Burford Theatre.

Anyone in the community is welcome to attend.

“We want to see this take off,” said Michelle Zakharov, one of the enthusiastic volunteers excited about the prospect of a new community theater program in Arkansas City.

“We are at the point now where we really need to get more people involved as we start to shape something spectacular for Arkansas City.”

Zakharov mentioned that attendees do not need to have any specific theatrical talent to be a part of ACCT.

“We are looking for heart,” she said. “If you love live theater and want to see ACCT a viable part of our community, please join us.”

The V.J. Wilkins Family Center for the Arts at the Burford Theatre is located at 118 S. Summit St. in downtown Arkansas City.

Proud history

Things are beginning to look up for Arkansas City Community Theatre (ACCT), which first was formed in 1983 and produced quality entertainment for the members of the community for years.

After a lengthy sabbatical, a dedicated group of individuals are ready to see ACCT standing on its feet again.

This time, ACCT will make its home at the beautiful, newly restored historic Burford Theatre in downtown Arkansas City.

Community theatre

Arkansas City Community Theatre is looking for dedicated and committed partners to help to rebuild a thriving community theater program.

“We are really on the ground floor of rebuilding a legacy for the people of Arkansas City,” Zakharov said.

“This community is quite fortunate that we already have so many wonderful quality theaters in our area. We want to add to the magic, and with the amount of talent in and around Arkansas City, there is no reason why ACCT can’t bring their own brand of enchantment to the table.”

Because of the task involved in reforming a community theater program, ACCT is looking for more people who would like to join in helping.

“Community theater is just that — theater by and for the community,” Zakharov said.

Skills needed

ACCT is looking for people who are interested in the production aspects of theater, such as acting, singing, dancing, directing, lighting, set design, stage construction and costuming, as well as marketing, graphic design, website design and upkeep, box office, and concessions.

Arkansas City Community Theatre also is seeking local business partners to help with sponsorship in any form.

“There is no shortage of jobs available,” Zakharov said. “As the saying goes, many hands make light work. We welcome anyone who has an interest in seeing live theater be a part of the cultural landscape in Arkansas City.”

This information was provided by Arkansas City Community Theatre member Michelle Zakharov.