Harold Arnett, Cowley College’s vice president of academic affairs, conducted a workshop on team-building with employees in the IMPACT Student Support Services TRIO program Jan. 4 in the Underground.

Arnett conducts team-building exercises with IMPACT group

Courtesy photo

Arnett used experiential learning activities to help the group to get to know each other better and gear up for the spring semester.

“I love this kind of learning approach and mining insights out of the group,” he said.

The group took part in a blindfolded jigsaw puzzle activity, a tarp challenge and a Houdini escape challenge.

“There were problem-solving elements in each activity, so communication was a critical piece in every challenge,” Arnett said.

Those who took part in the team-building exercises were Dianne Flickinger, Roxanna James, Kim Martin, Mike Rosales and Loretta Waldroupe.

The IMPACT Student Support Services TRIO program is an academic program designed to help students graduate from Cowley College and/or transfer to a four-year university.

The program offers a variety of free services to help students to be successful and meet their educational goals.

This information was provided by Cowley College Director of Institutional Communications and Public Relations Rama Peroo.