Author: Jeni McGee

“Samurai Jack” to return with limited episodes in March, 13 years after end

Samurai Jack is coming back and I am so excited for his return. Truth be told, I was sad to see him go the first time. But fans should be elated to learn that the new limited series will premiere on March 11. For those who don’t know, “Samurai Jack” was a cartoon created by Genndy Tartokovsky in 2001. Jack’s sole mission is to find his way back to the past to undo the “evil of Aku” — who, as I recall, was a “shape-shifting demon” hell-bent on destroying the culture of Jack’s youth. The show lasted for four years and despite the overarching goal of Jack’s obsession, the cartoon remained pure. Tartokovsky had his own style, but “Samurai Jack” combined elements of Japanese art with futuristic shapes and concepts. The landscapes of Jack’s reality are vivid, intricate designs that still have the same simplistic lines seen in Japanese art. Jack was voiced by Phil LaMarr, whose career started in 1983 with the “Mr. T” cartoon. He is better known as the voice of Hermes Conrad on “Futurama” or as any number of voices in various Marvel-based cartoons. The voice of Aku was supplied by Iwamatsu Mako, who died in 2006. It has been 13 years since the last episode of “Samurai Jack” was released, with no closure. There was no epic battle with Aku in the final episode...

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No School Movie Day planned for Feb. 16 at Arkansas City Public Library

The Arkansas City Public Library will be host to a “No School Movie Day” on Feb. 16. The movie will begin at 1 p.m. Attendees may bring their own drink with a lid. The title of the movie cannot be advertised, but those interested may call (620) 442-1280 to find out what title will be shown. Children younger than 6 years old are welcome only with an adult. Children older than 6 may attend the movie without an adult, but adult contact information must be given when dropping off any children younger than 10. The Arkansas City Public Library is located at 120 E. Fifth Ave. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new...

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Clash in Cowley County MMA event is Feb. 18 at Agri-Business Building

The Clash in Cowley County is coming to Arkansas City on Feb. 18. This mixed martial arts (MMA) event will be open to the public. Tickets are $20 in advance or $25 at the door. Children 6 years old or younger are free. The doors of the Agri-Business Building, located at 712 W. Washington Ave., will open at 6:30 p.m. Fights will begin at 7:30 p.m. Alcohol will be served to those 21 or older in a specially designated area. Special guests will include Tyler Stinson, David Rickels and Bobby Lashley. Live music will be provided by the Czech Republicans. The fight match-ups include: Derwin Thomas vs. Trevor Chaparro Tim Grammon vs. Johnny Pantoja Erick Braly vs. Keitha West Tyson Stewart vs. Marcus Tapia Eric Kapp vs. Chris Beal Jay Cavazos vs. Jose Leyva Hayley Kingan vs. Lee Brown Issac Lyon vs. Abner Sobalvarro Dominic Garbiso vs. Esteban Dickman Jared Tallent vs. Cesar De Santiago Alex Che vs. Eduardo Castillo Carlos Caldron vs. Kaylon Silver Richard Kidwell vs. Grant Jansson For more information about this event, call (785) 269-7069. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new...

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Keep your screens clean and please think of IT professionals’ health needs

Being the spouse of a tech guy can have its advantages — but last week, one of the downfalls of his chosen career path found me in the form of a cold. There is a secondary kind of computer health that most information technology (IT) professionals don’t really talk about. If you have your own computer, cell phone, laptop or other piece of technology, it is very easy to slack off on washing or sanitizing your hands as often as you would if you were using communal property. So you sneeze one day and forget to use the hand sanitizer on your desk before you push the power button on your computer tower. Three days later, you have the worst cold of your life. Once you get well, you clean the house and Lysol everything in view, but you forget that power button. The next time the computer acts up, it is taken to an IT professional. He or she turns on the computer, scratches his or her face and now those cold germs have made first contact! Keeping it clean So what do we need to do to keep our computers clean? (Physically speaking, of course.) What chemicals are computer safe? Let’s start with the tower — any cleaning wipe should be fine, as long as you keep any moisture out of the USB ports or headphone jacks....

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Four Ark City Daily Bytes readers share real-life Valentine’s love stories

Valentine’s Day is Feb. 14 and love is in the air. In the spirit of the season, Ark City Daily Bytes asked readers to share their own real-life love stories. Whether it was friendship, football or school that brought them together, these couples’ tales are sure to delight. Matt and Lindsay (Ramirez) Allen On Feb. 5, 2012, the New England Patriots were beaten by the upstart New York Giants in an epic Super Bowl that many NFL fans will remember forever. Matt Allen will remember it as the day he and Lindsay Ramirez met for the first time. Drawn together by a fortuitous encounter on a Christian dating website, neither actually thought there would be a connection between them, yet each was optimistic about the possibility. Because they were separated by 50 miles, their first date almost never happened. Lindsay fired the first shot in a brief message: “I like what you wrote about yourself! God Bless!” Matt saw she lived too far away. As he composed a dismissive reply — thanking her, but looking for a closer relationship — something stopped him. Even then, he knew it was a nudge from God. So instead of finishing that reply, he gave her a phone call. “The connection was instantaneous!” said Matt Allen. “A week of phone calls gave way to that first date — lunch, bowling and the Super...

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