Barn quilt kits are for sale now at the Cowley First offices in Strother Field, but only a limited number are available.

Kits can be picked up by calling (620) 221-9951 to arrange a time, or email to reserve a kit.

The kits are $40 and include 2-foot primed medium density overlay board, brushes, and paints of one’s choice. People also may select from various patterns.

A map of the quilt locations in Dexter, along with a map of all of the barn quilts in Cowley County, can be found online at, or at Grouse Valley Grill and Henry’s Candy in Dexter.

The barn quilt movement took off in Dexter when Steve Joyce, a Dexter social studies teacher, and a group of fellow Dexter teachers worked collaboratively with Cowley First and hosted an all-day workshop at Dexter schools in the spring.

Dexter computer teacher Joannie Reimer had students submit barn quilt designs as part of a contest. The winning quilts are on display at Dexter’s “old gym.”

This information was provided by Cowley First Administrative Assistant Deb Firebaugh.