The downtown Arkansas City store formerly known as Bee’tween Friends has a brand-new name — Flawed Perfection.

Owners Heath and Kristeen Jane’t have been working toward the name change for quite some time, but the brand-new logo only went up on the front windows last week.

The couple took over the store in January, but have been making changes around the store slowly since that time.

“We’ve added some farmhouse décor and also purchased The Red Door inventory when (that store) closed down,” said Kristeen Jane’t.

The new owners also are offering paints and other décor.

Flawed Perfection is located at 206 S. Summit St.

Meaning of Flawed Perfection

Kristeen Jane’t said the store’s new name is something she long had planned for her own business.

“We had a name for our store prior to purchasing Bee’Tween Friends. We just wanted to add our own touch,” she said.

There is more to the name the Jane’ts chose than just the name itself.

“It was a name God laid on my heart prior to purchasing the store,” said Kristeen Jane’t.

“It is based off of Matthew 5:48: ‘But you are to be perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect.’ We are flawed people who are a constant work in progress. We will never reach ‘perfection,’ but God calls us to be imitators of Christ Jesus.

“It also relates to what we sell as well. The vintage and distressed look is also ‘flawed.’”

Future plans

The main store sign is not up yet, but it is coming soon, according to the couple.

“Special thanks to SJ Designs for creating the logo. You did a fabulous job and we absolutely love it,” said Kristeen Jane’t.

Flawed Perfection also is adding a new line to its inventory.

Myra is a product line that includes purses, totes, weekender bags, accessories, wristlets, makeup bags, shaving bags, iPad cases, cross-body bags and traveler bags, just to name a few.

“We have something for everyone,” Jane’t said.

“Come check out what we have in stock, as well as the catalog. Catalog order will run for two weeks.”