There they go again.

The Cowley College administration and board never cease to amaze and amuse me, considering the way they manage the expenditure of taxpayer-provided funds.

Last year, the college went to the well with a bucket, and added another 0.5 mill to their tax levy, which generated $500,000 per year for “capital expenditures.” Capital expenses usually are major items, such as a major roof repair or an air-conditioning system.

As soon as the bucket was filled with taxpayer dollars, the administration asked for, and the board approved, expenditures of over $400,000 on signs, including $65,000 for a McDonald’s-style flashing sign in front of the Arkansas City administration buildng.

Never fear, to be fair, they don’t just waste Cowley taxpayers’ funds. Our Sumner County neighbors get to pay $110,000 for signs at the two buildings in Wellington.

Could the college apply some restraint, and not spend all of their allowance on cookies, and leave a few dollars in the cookie jar for real capital needs?

Michael A. Bergagnini