I would like to request that the Cowley College Board of Trustees revisit bowling as a sport at the Mulvane campus.

Cowley College logoIn the supporting documents provided at the December board meeting, there was a significant misstatement justifying the program, the financials were rather sketchy and a reality check is due.

First, the significant misstatement.

The statement in the December proposal, “very high levels of support for bowling,” was obviously not true.

The document shows 14 of 76 Mulvane respondents wanted bowling. That was 18 percent, hardly resounding support.

Second, the financial study provided is very optimistic, with an assured loss if the program does not attract many students.

There was no support for the expected 40 new students.

Third — a reality check.

Does anyone on the board really think that a bowling program at the Mulvane campus will draw in 20 additional new male and 20 additional new female FTE students?

That would increase the Mulvane FTE by 46 percent.

I would like to request that the board either, at this time, take a closer look at this proposed athletic addition or, prior to the start of the January 2019 semester, direct the college president to provide support for continuation of the bowling program.

The college, and Cowley County taxpayers, cannot afford to add or continue non-academic programs which do not pay their way.

Michael A. Bergagnini