Two Arkansas City natives will be featured on “Family Feud” later this week. There were five individuals on the team, all from the Bukaty family.

Courtesy photo

Courtesy photo

Retired Ark City schoolteacher Frances “Rags” Smith is the mother of two team members, Molly Bukaty Gregory and Nate Bukaty.

Gregory graduated from Arkansas City High School and Bukaty attended the fifth through seventh grades in Ark City.

In early spring, the family saw “Family Feud” was holding auditions in Kansas City.

“Both of my kids and their families live there. I suggested that they go try out, and they decided to do it,” Smith said.

The team consisted of her two children; their cousin, Leah Bukaty Krieger; their aunt, Gerry Bukaty; and Nate Bukaty’s wife, Kelly.

Their first step was to create and submit an introductory video, featuring all team members and showcasing their personalities and reasons for wanting to be on the Feud. After a few weeks, they heard that their video had been accepted and they were invited to come to auditions.

“Tryouts turned out to be way more than they imagined,” Smith said.

It took all day on the first day, a Saturday, and there were individual interviews, mock games and group interviews with other families.

“My bunch was amazed at how many people showed up to participate. Many other Kansas City area families had also submitted successful videos,” she said.

The Bukaty family passed the first day of auditions and interviews, and was asked to come back the following day for more.

The next day, there were more interviews and mock games.

But this time, the producers also tried various families against each other to see what the dynamics might be.

After waiting six weeks, they were notified they had been selected to fly to Atlanta for the final audition and taping.

“The ‘Family Feud’ people sent them several dates to choose from, and it was not an easy task finding a time when all of them could get off work and find child care for the trip, but they did settle on a date,” Smith said.

The family flew to Atlanta at the end of the summer, and the final audition and taping went well, so they made the final cut.

“However, they had to sign several disclaimer-type papers stating that they would not share any results with anyone, and they have not!” Smith said. “I keep trying to guess if they won or not, but they won’t budge.”