Justin and Lacey Clark are organizing an American Bulldog show, which will take place on Oct. 14.

The Bully Blessed Fun Show will take place at the Agri-Business Building, which is located at 712 W. Washington Ave.

Doors will open at 10 a.m. and the show starts at 11 a.m.

The Clarks breed American Bullies under the name Bully Blessed. The couple also owns Big-N-Smalls BBQ, a catering and event concessions company.

The Bully Blessed Fun Show will be the second such show to happen in Ark City.

“We are looking forward to this event and are working hard to make it something special to remember,” said Justin Clark.

“Everyone is welcome — even if you want to just walk around and look at all the dogs that are showing that day, or if you have a dog and want to bring yours,” said Lacey Clark.

“We will have a lot of free giveaways during the show. Booths will be available, with tables and chairs,” said Justin Clark said.

“We will also be honoring a close brother of mine (who) worked really hard to get the Bully ban lifted off of our county a few years ago.”

The municipal code in Arkansas City banning specific dog breeds, such as pit bulls, was changed in 2013. No breeds are banned now.

“I think it’s important to honor people that take the time and put the work in so that people in the community can learn what our breed is really about,” Clark said.

He wants to promote positivity in the community and is hoping to use the show as a way to educate people about the breed he loves so much.

“Everyone says we need more positivity in the community and (to) better the breed. Well, here is a way to both better the people in the breed and the breed will become better,” Clark said.

“It’s good to (have) fellowship and have a good time, stress-free. … We can have a great community by being in unity instead of division.”

“We have an indoor venue with a very nice park right next to (a) venue in a peaceful neighborhood,” said Justin Clark.

Food also will be available during the event.

“(We) will be catering that day and you’ll be able to buy barbecue by the plate. We hope to have other vendors there, as well, so that you can walk around and look at all the dogs and shop,” he said.

“This is great for everyone in the dog show world to bring their show dogs, but also really great for our local community to come out and see what … showing dogs is all about, even if they’re just curious or have been interested in our breed.”

“We are honored that Alex Ferraro — founder of Double D’s Bully Camp, the Bully Colosseum and Lucky Line — has agreed to come support and judge for us,” Clark added.

“We also are honored to have special guests Kino Arroyos, BlackLabel, who I highly respect as (family) and mentor to me and to countless others.”

The dog show will have giveaways and cash prizes for winners.

“For anyone planning on coming to the Fun Show, my personal vet, Dr. (Lanna) Rains will be there to do microchips for the low (cost of) only $20 and to answer any questions,” he said.

For more information, visit Bully Blessed on Facebook.