The Arkansas City Area Arts Council (ACAAC) has announced a job opening at the Burford Theatre.

Ark City Arts logoThis position is a part-time operations manager position that would oversee the business aspects of the theater.

The announcement comes on the heels of Michelle Zakharov’s decision to leave the Burford after six months.

“My decision to leave the Burford was one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make in a long time, and very personal,” Zakharov said in an interview Sept. 26.

“My experience at the theater is really special. I dreamed of a job someday where I could exercise my creativity and share my many gifts.”

Zakharov said that theater is her first love, making the Burford “a lovely place to bring (her) passion to life.”

“It is a BIG job for anyone, and requires a lot of time away from a family,” she said. “At a different season in my life, it would be a totally different story.”

Zakharov said she still intends to be involved with the Burford.

“I fully intend to be as involved as I can be as a volunteer and I am committed to seeing a quality community theater become a reality in the future for the Burford,” she said. “This, of course, will take time and other like-minded individuals who want to see the same.”

“Michelle Zakharov brought a wonderful energy, new ideas and a tremendous amount of talent to the Arkansas City Area Arts Council as the Burford Theatre’s first theater director,” said ACAAC board chair Tamara Niles.

“Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen personal issues, she regretfully resigned, but will continue to support the theater and our arts programming in a volunteer capacity.”

The council’s job description for a theater director has evolved, Niles explained.

“Operating a historic theater is a business and we have to constantly look at our financing to ensure we are financially self-sufficient,” she said.

“We have very talented artists and graphic designers, and so the ACAAC Board of Directors determined we need a business person to run the business side of the arts center and the theater — someone to write grants, schedule events, maintain our finances.”

Because of this, the title for the position was changed from theater director to operations manager.

“We are seeking someone to run the business side of our arts and entertainment venues to enrich the Arkansas City community through the arts,” Niles said.

The position is a financial and business position that includes payroll, online bookkeeping, budgeting, finance, fundraising, overseeing building maintenance and repairs, supervising facility rentals and events, managing long-term tenants, supervising staff and delegating tasks to them, and coordinating volunteers.

Anyone interested in applying for the position can forward a résumé or letter of interest to Niles at