Winfield resident Meggie Lee Calvin will sign copies of her book, “The Bluebonnet Child,” at Graves Drug in downtown Arkansas City during Arkalalah.

Calvin, who serves as director of children’s and family ministry at First United Methodist Church in Winfield, addresses the issue of children who don’t have a healthy parent to nourish them.

“The bluebonnet flower grows in very poor soil,” states a release announcing the signing event and explaining the premise of the book.

“One would never guess this truth, but the bright, proud bonnets tell no lies. Not even the unkempt soil can keep a bluebonnet from producing its lovely blossoms.

“People can be similar to the bluebonnet flower. They are born into poor soil and have to live with the challenges presented to them. Kids from neglectful or abusive families are Bluebonnet Children. We are trained in children’s and family ministry that the parent is the primary faith nurturer.”

Calvin will sign copies of her book from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Oct. 28 at Graves Drug, located at 212 S. Summit St.

The bluebonnet mission

The book was written with a specific purpose in mind.

“My goal was to write about a sensitive/potentially dark subject matter in an extremely approachable/light-filled way in order to encourage more people to make a difference,” Calvin said.

She credits a “divine nudge” that led her to pen the book.

“To build up others as supplemental family members to kids of troubled homes has been a divine nudge of mine for quite a while,” Calvin said.

“I researched and wrote about it in seminary, preached about it at work, joined boards of like-minded organizations, and then during a health scare, I felt an explicit call to write a book that was extremely applicable for the busy practitioners of this type of work.”

A how-to guide

This book is meant to be a “how-to” guide for helping students whose home life seems hopeless.

“Most of the time, the student who is the biggest ‘troublemaker’ in the class comes from poor soil,” Calvin said.

“We who work with children think there is nothing we can do but pray, report it to a case worker and hope for the best. This is not so.”

The book is filled with resources that can be used to help those students.

“It’s not an autobiography or a textbook on this sensitive subject matter. It’s short, hope-filled and full for the busy practitioner with high standards,” Calvin said.

“The meat of the book is the ‘Triple A Approach,’ which are three easily applicable steps for anyone who works with children to take and greatly improve the life of a Bluebonnet Child.”

Calvin’s background

Calvin’s roots are in Texas, but she has pastored in Winfield for almost a decade.

She holds a bachelor of arts degree in religion and philosophy from Southwestern College in Winfield, as well as a master of arts degree in children’s and family ministry from Bethel Seminary in Minnesota.

Calvin and her husband spend most of their free time playing tag with their young daughter.

“Folks can connect with me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. They can also visit my site at,” she said.

“I also lead an online course over the book at The course is two weeks long and is worth one (continuing education unit) for anyone that works with children. The book can be bought on Amazon or, or by visiting my site.”