Members of Cub Scouts Pack 328 completed their annual Cardboard City event Jan. 21 at the Agri-Business Building.

Courtesy photo

This activity is scheduled during the winter months because the organization does not want to expose the Cub Scouts to extreme weather while camping.

The Cardboard City is a learning activity, according to Cub Scouts leadership.

The Scouts spent much of the day assembling the box into tents to create the Cardboard City.

Their building materials are limited to cardboard and duct tape.

After the event, the cardboard is recycled.

There are many reasons the Cub Scouts participate in this activity, including the fact that it teaches them what it is like for homeless people to live in a box.

But it goes much further than teaching the boys about compassion for the less fortunate.

Some of the Scouts have siblings who participate in the building of the city and collection of cardboard donations, most of which come in box form.

After the city is built and the Scouts fed, they are settled down for a lesson.

This year, the lesson included the participation of emergency responders from Arkansas City.

Both the Arkansas City Fire-EMS and Police departments spent time showing the scouts their vehicles and explaining their roles in the community.