Thanks to some generous gifts of scrap metal, the Car(e) Clinic is coming back to Arkansas City this month.

care-careOrganizer Daniel Yocum said the free car clinic started as a “dream in his heart.” But it has come a long way since then.

The next Car(e) Clinic is set for Jan. 21. More than 20 businesses contribute to the clinic, whether through donated funds, space or time.

Those who are in need of simple automotive help, such as an oil chance, may call Bonnie Logan at (620) 719-6898 to schedule an appointment.

“Thank you to all the businesses … (who have) joined our team,” Yocum posted on an open forum on Facebook.

“Also a thank you to anyone who told me personally about metal or gave me metal to scrap out in the last year.”

During the course of a year, the money that has been used to keep his free service available to those who are in need totaled $1,400 to $1,600.

The contributions from scrap metal collection accounted for nearly half of that total.

“The generosity of the businesses listed helps cover the costs, and the generosity of anyone who has given me dead appliances, cans (or) random junk metal around their houses has allowed me to help keep the clinic going financially, as well,” Yocum said.

“Just a thought for the future — if you have junk metal and want it gone, consider where it’s going. I keep some for my time and wear and fuel, but I make sure what I keep is 50 percent or less — most of the time less — so the greater impact goes back into our community and more can be served.”

In the last three years, the free clinic has served roughly 150 families, serviced 250 vehicles and gone through 300 gallons of oil.

Among the many local businesses and organizations that help to keep the clinic operating are:

  • Ark City First Church of the Nazarene
  • Ark City Veterinary Clinic
  • AutoZone
  • Bible Christian Church
  • Big-N-Small’s Catering
  • Cowley College
  • Daniels Ready Mix
  • Elite Advertising LLC
  • Faithful Plumbers
  • H&H Quick Lube
  • Legleiter Video Productions
  • Massage by Catherine
  • O’Reilly Auto Parts
  • The Property Shop
  • Quality Business Solutions LLC
  • Steamy Joe Coffee House
  • Tim’s Automotive Repair
  • Twin Rivers Developmental Supports
  • Walker Plumbing
  • WWR