A free car care clinic held regularly in Arkansas City is looking for help.

Car(e) Clinic is a quarterly outreach effort that started at First Assembly of God.

“We will have another clinic coming up with in a month,” Daniel Yocum posted recently on Facebook.

There are between 20 and 25 cars that come through each time the clinic takes place.

Yocum said the church spends an average of $10 to $15 on each vehicle, and the costs add up.

“If you are a manager or business owner, in a position of leadership in a church, we are looking for more churches and business (to be) involved financially or (by providing) products or services,” he said.

“I’m not asking for massive donations if that’s not feasible; small things here and there add up. Just like the little Dutch boy holding his finger in the dike; he played a small part in something much bigger.”

There are many ways in which willing parties can donate.

Direct financial donations can be made at the church. Another method is through donation of scrap metal.

Yocum said he will take anything that isn’t radioactive or food-grade steel. Any other metal can be taken and cashed out.

“I challenge you next time you have some junk metal, instead of tossing it or allowing someone else to just put it in their pockets, pay it forward,” he said.

The services provided through Car(e) Clinic are aimed at making sure families in need and senior citizens are able to have their vehicles serviced.

“We do oil changes and possible other maintenance work on vehicles for families in need. It was something on my heart for a while and 2 1/2 years ago, we started a grand experiment, with great success. As we have served more and more folks, the need has grown, but support has been steady at best,” Yocum said.