The Car(e) Clinic returns April 22. The event is designed primarily for single mothers and low-income households that are struggling to make ends meet.Car(e) Clinic

Appointments are necessary for those who wish to benefit from this free car care service. If you or someone you know is in need of basic car care and cannot afford to perform the maintenance on their own, call Bonnie Logan at (620) 719-6898 to schedule an appointment.

“It’s first come, first served,” said event coordinator Daniel Yocum. “We have 24 slots for sure and alternates that have a chance.”

Car(e) Clinic is funded by the donations of everyday citizens and local business owners.

“We are always looking for more business sponsors, and scrap (metal) to help costs,” Yocum said. Call Yocum at (918) 606-1951 to donate to the clinic.

The event is 100 percent free for those who attend, thanks to the sponsors.

Yocum asks that anyone who can handle car maintenance on their own does not block someone else from securing a spot he or she desperately needs.