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Facebook privacy, safety tips even more important as hacking on the rise

Yet another Facebook hacker scare appeared on the popular social media site last week. But instead of dwelling on who “Jayden K. Smith” is or on the messages that continue to appear on Facebook, I’d like to focus on how to keep your social media page safe. Before we start: […]

English muffin spread makes versatile breakfast baked goods even tastier

English muffins are a breakfast staple in some households.   Before she passed away, my grandmother’s kitchen always had these muffins hidden away in it. It was not uncommon to find her in the morning, eating peanut butter on her muffin. It is a versatile breakfast baked good that can […]

Easy chicken salad a helpful recipe to avoid cooking on hot summer days

Summer meals are difficult to plan for sometimes. Longer days make for longer working hours in some households. In ours, the days always are long. Let’s face it — no one wants to turn on the stove or the oven when temperatures reach the upper 90s. This chicken salad can be […]

Financial Freedom: Declare your financial Independence Day from debt

We’re drawing close to the Fourth of July, when we celebrate the freedoms we enjoy in this country. The U.S. Constitution grants us many of these liberties, but we have to earn others — such as our financial freedom. What steps can you take to achieve the financial independence you […]

Three unbeatable ways to beat eggs into delicious French toast recipes

French toast is undeniably one of the sweetest breakfast foods. I am not a huge fan of breakfast foods in general, but this is one of my husband’s favorites. There are many recipes for French toast, each with their own little, unique twist. Today, I’m giving you three from which […]

The easy, informative guide to buying used or refurbished technology items

Buying electronics secondhand long has held a stigma that many electronics users aren’t quite ready to move beyond. There’s no denying that being the first one to use a piece of technology can be satisfying. Even I have some satisfaction from pulling the protective plastic coverings off screens that have not […]

Seven simple, sensible rules for maintaining firearms safety in your home

Living with firearms in a home can be dangerous if you don’t know how to be responsible with them. In Kansas, laws have been passed that allow a person to carry concealed in many places, including public buildings, churches and college campuses. Clearly, gun ownership is popular in Kansas, which […]

Lavish and technically flawless, Beauty and the Beast fails to innovate

My excitement to see Disney’s new live-action “Beauty and the Beast” earlier this year could hardly be contained. I heard about it not long after the release of the live-action “Cinderella,” with which I was enamored. I love “Harry Potter” and “Downton Abbey,” so my excitement only increased as I […]

Antipasta recipe great for combating heat with chill, surfeit of Italian flavors

My grandmother grew up during the Depression and then raised four children with my grandfather. There were years when they had very little and she had to make food stretch a little further than it really should have gone. Most of the things she cooked — even after I was […]

Volunteering, house chores among summer alternatives to tech addiction

Summer is in full swing and children of all ages likely are spending more time indoors since temperatures have risen. But what are they doing while Mom and Dad are away from home? Screen time affects brain patterns similar to the way addictions do, according to a recent study conducted […]