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Deadly Weapon, Cherry Citrus: Willow Crossing soaps, bath bombs tested

Handmade soaps are a weakness for both my husband and I. He introduced me to the luxury of such soaps shortly after we began dating and after I experienced the results, I have tried to stay away from store-bought soap. The Willow Crossing makes one of the best handmade soaps […]

Finding a “personal relationship with God” more than simply talking to Him

For many years, I have heard the term “personal relationship with God” and wondered exactly what that statement entails. I understand what this term implies to those around us who are Christian. We, as individuals, spend time with God and maintain contact with Him. To those outside of our faith, […]

Pets as gifts: Good intentions that mean well, but bad idea in practice

A puppy under the Christmas tree. A cute little bunny at Easter. Or maybe just giving an animal friend to someone who might need one. People who give animals as gifts mean well, but their good intentions often misfire. Giving a pet as a gift usually is an ill-advised decision […]

Hauck enchants with “A Royal Christmas Wedding”

Rachel Hauck once again enchants with “A Royal Christmas Wedding,” the newest novella in The Royal Wedding Series. She weaves together a delightful fairy tale that is absolutely, 100 percent adorable. I loved all of the characters and am a sucker for second-chance stories — and this novel definitely fits […]

Low-carb peppermint chocolate protein shake packs powerful punch

What can readers do when they are in a hurry, but need a good pick-me-up? Well, for starters, try this peppermint chocolate protein power shake. Whether their itinerary includes an extra-busy work day or some last-minute Christmas shopping, this tasty treat is sure to give readers a boost of energy […]

Five things parents should do to shape money-smart children

The goal most parents have for their kids is that they will grow up to become educated, well-adjusted and contributing members of society. But let’s face it, we’ll settle for out of the house and paying their bills. So how can we help our kids to learn money smarts? The […]

Veterans with local connections honored on Pearl Harbor 75th anniversary

Today marks the 75th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii — a day that still lives in infamy. The bombing marked the United States’ entry into World War II, leading many men across the world into military service. Among them were several Arkansas City natives, such as […]

Peppermint chocolate cake provides punch with lush undertones

Peppermint and chocolate are like a match made in heaven for some — especially during the Christmas season. Around this office, there are a couple of us who really like mint desserts. This cake promises to provide a large mint punch with lush chocolate undertones. Cake ingredients 4 ounces unsweetened […]

Chocolate peppermint lasagna sure to delight at Christmas dinner

For your Christmas dinner this year, consider serving chocolate peppermint lasagna as the featured dessert. This holiday treat is sure to please — with its chocolate and peppermint flavors, it pairs well with hot chocolate or cold milk. Since this dessert does not require any heat source, it can be […]

Peppermint brownies with extra cream cheese frosting bring the fudge

We will wrap up our series of peppermint-inspired holiday recipes with this formula for peppermint chocolate brownies. Follow these instructions to bake up thick, fudge-y brownies topped with extra cream cheese peppermint frosting and drizzled with chocolate! Brownie ingredients 1/2 cup (one stick) butter 3/4 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips 1 […]