Ark City Voices

Honey bees killed highlight aerial pesticide dangers to pollinators, humans

Honey bees have generated a lot of buzz in the last decade since the first known case of colony collapse disorder was reported in 2006. Another danger to this already stressed pollinator surfaced in the news recently when The Washington Post reported that Dorchester County, S.C., inadvertently killed more than […]

Wilder leaves behind legacy of comedic genius, cancer awareness

“Hold your breath. Make a wish. Count to three…” Gene Wilder died this week. While many members of my generation might not know who he is without some kind of reference, he helped to shape and mold the comedic world in the 1970s. Wilder had not been in anything substantial […]

Music festival, car show, Arkalalah among upcoming autumn delights

Perhaps last week’s weather is the culprit, but I cannot wait for autumn to come to Arkansas City. Soon the weather will be cooler. Cold winds will swirl around the tall downtown buildings and we will welcome the sun’s presence. In two short weeks, the Walnut Valley Festival will begin. […]

Unconditional love difficult to model to those who’ve known little love

 “Love never fails…” — 1 Corinthians 13:8 There is such a thing as unconditional love. It is hard for us to grasp, and although we should aspire to love in the same way that our Lord does, we often fall short of this goal. This is due to our human […]

Honoring the fallen by turning to God’s Word

Tragedy hit our nation earlier this month — five men who put their lives on the line to protect and serve citizens of a major metropolitan area made the ultimate sacrifice when they were killed in the line of duty. These men did not anticipate their deaths July 7, but […]

F.R. Smith, of Arkansas City, on museum celebration

The museum should never be involved with politics. However, the board has chosen to make the upcoming anniversary celebration political in their invitations to speakers. Even if all a politician does is say what a great community we have and what a rich history, it is political if it’s a […]

Bill Mueller, of Cowley County, endorsing Falletti

The primary election on August 2 will likely decide who will be the next Sheriff of Cowley County after Sheriff Don Read retires in January 2017. For several years, I have known both of the candidates for that position and both are decent, honorable men who are sincere in their […]

Real superheroes don’t wear capes

Superheroes don’t wear capes in real life. Leotards and masks are both usually out of the question, as well. Superheroes don’t often stand more than 6 feet tall, or have broad shoulders or dimples in their chins. Sometimes superheroes look like the man or woman who sits across from us […]

Letter from Michael Morgan, President of Ark Valley Distributing

This Fourth of July, Americans will toast the country’s independence with friends, family and fireworks. While summer holidays should be care-free and fun, they also present the ideal time to remind adults to plan ahead and celebrate responsibly. That’s why Ark Valley Distributing and our employees are renewing our pledge […]

Letter from Rags Smith, of Arkansas City

Primary voting is August 2nd. Whether you are someone who is satisfied with our state, county, and district offices or whether you are someone who believes we need to see some changes, the primary vote is traditionally where these decisions are made in our area. Usually, voter turnout for primary […]