Internet dating challenging, but worth the work

I imagine dating never has been an easy prospect. There likely always were downsides to the dating world. Modern technology has desensitized most to the natural interactions between humans. Most people don’t look up from their phones long enough to see the world, let alone potential dates. Add the time-suck […]

‘Fanboys’ unknown, but fantastic

“Fanboys” is a relatively unknown movie that did terribly at the box office. The movie cost nearly $4 million to make, but grossed less than $1 million worldwide. It is, however, one of my favorites. The movie highlights four high school friends, one of whom has drifted away from the […]

Summer reading not just for kids

I don’t know what it is about summer, but everyone seems to be more interested in reading during the summer season. Whether it’s because of people going on vacations or libraries promoting summer reading programs, terms such as “beach reads” and “summer reading list” abound both in real life and […]

Deadpool does not disappoint despite budget woes

The Merc with the Mouth nearly missed the opportunity to have a self-titled Marvel movie — Fox only gave the film a budget of $58 million after fans begged, pleaded and, I’m sure, tried to bribe the movie into existence. While in theaters, “Deadpool” managed to gross $362,200,563, proving there […]