What the Chewbacca Lady teaches us about simple joys

The Chewbacca Lady has taken the internet by storm. There isn’t anything particularly fascinating about the woman, who is a mother of two kids and shops at Kohl’s. She tells viewers she’s making a return to the store and finds something for herself. After she takes her glasses off and […]

‘Illuminae’ is a luminous series debut

Authors Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff have joined their combined talents and created a stellar adventure with their 2015 release of “Illuminae.” This is the first installment of the new “The Files” ­­­­— a young adult, science fiction series. What makes this book unique is the fact that the story […]

‘Eureka’ not a must-see, but fun

It has been several months since my husband and I embarked upon a journey through the old Syfy Channel show called “Eureka.” As it turns out, even though I am a geek, I am not overly fond of most Syfy productions. Most of them are cheesy, subpar examples of what […]

‘The Goodbye Bride’ a warm and fuzzy contemporary

Denise Hunter’s “The Goodbye Bride” is a sweet, contemporary romance that is warm and fuzzy. The novel follows Lucy Lovett — who wakes up on the floor of a diner in a wedding dress and missing seven months’ worth of memories. What she finds is the fiancé she thought she […]

Meeting Baldwin: A fan-girl experience

Adam Baldwin cuts an impressive silhouette on screen — tall and broad, with an attitude that takes up just as much space. Most of his roles are gruff and maybe a bit anti-heroic. My husband, Gareth, loves Baldwin in most of his roles — dating back to Animal Mother in […]

Review: ‘Eligible’ a serious disappointment

I really have been enjoying the Austen Project’s modernizations of Austen’s work, so you can image my excitement at the release of the modernization of her most famous work. When I received an advance reader copy of “Eligible” from Random House, I barely could wait to start reading it. If […]

‘Lights Out’ fascinating, terrifying look at U.S. security threat

Ted Koppel’s “Lights Out” is a fascinating and terrifying look at a threat facing the United States. The subject matter is what originally drew me to the book — it is a topic in which I am very interested. Koppel’s work is divided into three parts, the first of which […]

Constantine’s battle continues to please

“Constantine” remains one of my favorite movies — not because of an actor or set of actors, but for the way it portrays good and evil in the world. My faith still plays a vital role in my life, but I will not turn this posting into a study on […]

First glimpse of geekery: Batman the Animated Series

The first glimpse I remember having into geekery happened when I was very young, maybe 7 years old … when “Batman: The Animated Series” was broadcast. It was the way I pictured Batman … dark, but not uncaring. The animated series version of the Dark Knight was compassionate — not […]

Move over, Iron Man: Ant-Man is here to stay

Tony Stark has served as Marvel’s resident expert in sarcasm for many years, without much competition. True, Chris Pratt’s “Star-Lord” did put up quite a fight for the title in the first “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie. However, Paul Rudd’s “Ant-Man” might exceed Stark’s snark. “Ant-Man” was not a movie […]