Poppy seed chicken casserole feeds many, makes great leftover lunches

Poppy seed chicken is a recipe my aunt brought back with her from her time in Alabama. I am sure it was a Southern dish to begin with, probably born in the kitchen of a mother who needed to cook for a household of growing kids. This hearty meal is […]

Chicken carbonara recipe a great stand-in for dearth of Italian food locally

One thing Arkansas City lacks is an Italian restaurant. (They don’t seem to last long here, for whatever reason.) For some, that might not be an issue, but for my husband, it long has been a source of frustration. He could eat pasta for every meal if I let him. Thankfully, […]

Creekstone purchased this week by Japanese trading house for $170M

Creekstone Farms Premium Beef has been purchased by Japanese trading house Marubeni Corp., according to The deal reportedly is worth approximately $170 million, including liabilities. Japan-based Marubeni also owns an Australian feedlot. Creekstone Farms processes about 1,400 cattle per day and recently added pork products to its offerings. No […]

English muffin spread makes versatile breakfast baked goods even tastier

English muffins are a breakfast staple in some households.   Before she passed away, my grandmother’s kitchen always had these muffins hidden away in it. It was not uncommon to find her in the morning, eating peanut butter on her muffin. It is a versatile breakfast baked good that can […]

Easy chicken salad a helpful recipe to avoid cooking on hot summer days

Summer meals are difficult to plan for sometimes. Longer days make for longer working hours in some households. In ours, the days always are long. Let’s face it — no one wants to turn on the stove or the oven when temperatures reach the upper 90s. This chicken salad can be […]

Three unbeatable ways to beat eggs into delicious French toast recipes

French toast is undeniably one of the sweetest breakfast foods. I am not a huge fan of breakfast foods in general, but this is one of my husband’s favorites. There are many recipes for French toast, each with their own little, unique twist. Today, I’m giving you three from which […]

Arkansas City Farm and Art Market set to move to July 3 due to holiday

The Arkansas City Farm and Art Market will be moving to a Monday night next week due to the Independence Day holiday. The market will be from 4 to 6 p.m. July 3 at the Wilson Park rotunda. The following week, it will return to its regular day and be […]

Antipasta recipe great for combating heat with chill, surfeit of Italian flavors

My grandmother grew up during the Depression and then raised four children with my grandfather. There were years when they had very little and she had to make food stretch a little further than it really should have gone. Most of the things she cooked — even after I was […]

Arkansas City Farm and Art Market named June Open Arms Award winner

The Arkansas City Area Chamber of Commerce’s Executive Board of Directors overwhelmingly chose to give the June 2017 Open Arms Award to the Arkansas City Farm and Art Market. The Farm and Art Market provides a place for area farmers of various kinds, as well as artists and craftsmen, to […]

Waldorf salad a favorite during Thanksgiving, can be enjoyed year-round

This recipe always seems to appear on our table around Thanksgiving each year, but it can be enjoyed year-round. My mother loves Waldorf salad — if it really can even be called a salad — but she won’t make it year-round, because my brother, father and I never would eat it. […]