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“The Last Kingdom” latest, but hopefully not last, in line of medieval epics

As so often happens, the finding of a likable series between seasons has me a little bit on the edge of my seat. “The Last Kingdom” is a British series, which means there sometimes can be multiple years between seasons. The show is set in the year 872 and, since […]

Eight down, two to go: Tarantino still churning out movie masterpieces

Quentin Tarantino very well might be one of the finest directors of our time. I will admit his films are not for everyone — they are complex, darkly humorous and excessively violent. But for those who happen to enjoy his movies — myself included — they are highly anticipated works of […]

Goodbye, 2016: The year all the celebrities passed away

I’ll be really honest with you — 2016 is a year that seems to be taking a lot of celebrities. I was pretty much done watching the death toll before Christmas. We all know how that turned out. (See “Nerds Unite” blog posting for the month of December.) A large […]

Carrie Fisher remembered fondly for role of Leia, despite personal demons

Carrie Fisher’s death was confirmed Dec. 27 through her daughter’s publicist. The news immediately caused tears for many, many people. Facebook and Twitter soon were filled with condolences and cries for 2016 to stop taking all of our beloved cultural icons. Fisher, who was 60, had a heart attack on […]

Stewart and McKellen: An example of the perfect bromance

Bromances have existed for longer than the term has been in existence. The one-time slang term now is defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary as a close, nonsexual friendship between two men. Take, for example, Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon, the original Odd Couple who also created the “Grumpy Old Men” franchise. […]

My love of technology not dampened by cost, constant rotation of tech cycle

My love of technology is not really limited to one particular form or function. For example, my smartphone and desktop can perform most of the same functions. My phone, of course, can make calls, a function my desktop cannot perform at the moment. (There is a way to make that […]

Iconic television dad Alan Thicke passes away at 69

One of my favorite television dads has died. Alan Thicke, known affectionately to many as Dr. Jason Seaver on “Growing Pains,” passed away sometime Dec. 13. But there was initial confusion regarding the reports of his death. As it turns out, he was the target of a celebrity death hoax. […]

DC catching up? ‘Batman v Superman’ disappoints, but ‘Suicide’ delights

I have a confession to make: I don’t like DC. This is difficult, because as a nerd, I know I shouldn’t be disparaging to other nerds. Life is rough enough without us turning against each other. But the last thing DC created that I enjoyed was “Batman: The Animated Series.” […]

“Top Gear” gives way to “Grand Tour” after BBC’s alienation of popular trio

In March, host Jeremy Clarkson was fired from “Top Gear.” For those who are unfamiliar with this show, it was much like the U.S. version of the show, but based in the United Kingdom. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) fired him unceremoniously for striking one of the show’s producers. This […]