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‘Jaws’ set mark that no other shark film can hope to reach

The dog days of summer seem to have arrived — what better time to talk about the cult classic film “Jaws?” The movie was scary enough to cause a generation to question if the water was safe. Even baths were difficult after hearing that iconic theme music. Those two notes […]

Constantine suffers in television form after film success

I want to talk about “Constantine” — this time, the short-lived television series. First of all, it isn’t really anything like the Keanu Reeves movie. Sure, there are exorcisms and demons fighting against the greater good, but things are not the way you expect them to be. Chaz is alive. […]

Pokémon Go taking the United States by storm

Pokémon Go quickly has become the most popular app in the United States. The game has its perks, among them encouraging youths of all ages to get up, go outside and exercise. The app actually does not function unless you are up and walking. The game has its origins in […]

Internet dating challenging, but worth the work

I imagine dating never has been an easy prospect. There likely always were downsides to the dating world. Modern technology has desensitized most to the natural interactions between humans. Most people don’t look up from their phones long enough to see the world, let alone potential dates. Add the time-suck […]

‘Fanboys’ unknown, but fantastic

“Fanboys” is a relatively unknown movie that did terribly at the box office. The movie cost nearly $4 million to make, but grossed less than $1 million worldwide. It is, however, one of my favorites. The movie highlights four high school friends, one of whom has drifted away from the […]

‘The Martian’ a surprisingly good space ride

“The Martian” was surprisingly good. I don’t mean a “little” good, either. The science fiction in this movie is actually believable — it could be attained in the next 20 years if science is allowed to progress. Mark Watney, played by Matt Damon, is abandoned on Mars — his crew-mates […]

Deadpool does not disappoint despite budget woes

The Merc with the Mouth nearly missed the opportunity to have a self-titled Marvel movie — Fox only gave the film a budget of $58 million after fans begged, pleaded and, I’m sure, tried to bribe the movie into existence. While in theaters, “Deadpool” managed to gross $362,200,563, proving there […]

What the Chewbacca Lady teaches us about simple joys

The Chewbacca Lady has taken the internet by storm. There isn’t anything particularly fascinating about the woman, who is a mother of two kids and shops at Kohl’s. She tells viewers she’s making a return to the store and finds something for herself. After she takes her glasses off and […]

‘Eureka’ not a must-see, but fun

It has been several months since my husband and I embarked upon a journey through the old Syfy Channel show called “Eureka.” As it turns out, even though I am a geek, I am not overly fond of most Syfy productions. Most of them are cheesy, subpar examples of what […]

Meeting Baldwin: A fan-girl experience

Adam Baldwin cuts an impressive silhouette on screen — tall and broad, with an attitude that takes up just as much space. Most of his roles are gruff and maybe a bit anti-heroic. My husband, Gareth, loves Baldwin in most of his roles — dating back to Animal Mother in […]