Neverending Stories

Jen Turano’s Behind the Scenes entertains with humor, wit of high society

Jen Turano’s Behind the Scenes (Bethany House, $15.99, 352 pages, ISBN 9780769217944) is a hilarious start to a new series. Set among the glitz and glamour of the Vanderbilts in 1883 New York, Behind the Scenes features Miss Permilia Griswold, a society wallflower with a secret. Permilia writes a society […]

Camden has intriguing take on difficult times with ‘To the Farthest Shores’

Fans of Elizabeth Camden won’t be disappointed with her newest release, To the Farthest Shores (Bethany House, $15.99, 336 pages, ISBN 9780764218804). Camden tackles some really difficult subjects in this novel — from trust to forgiveness, she handles each topic with aplomb. Jenny Bennett has been through a lot, but […]

Kate Ganshert’s Life After: A novel so real, it takes your breath away

Every now and then, a novel comes along that is so real, it takes your breath away. The plot is compelling, the writing magnificent and the characters so tangible it feels like you could pass them on the street. These novels often pose difficult questions, challenge us to think about […]

The NKJV Woman’s Study Bible review and Grow in the Word Giveaway

Creating habits of studying God’s Word can be challenging. Between the rat race we call work and trying to catch up on household chores, sitting down to truly study seems overwhelming. Study Bibles can enhance a Christian’s exploration of the Word greatly. Thomas Nelson’s recently released New King James Version […]

Brother’s Ruin features Victorian London filled with steampunk magic

Emma Newman’s newest release, Brother’s Ruin, is set in a Victorian London filled with magic. Charlotte “Charlie” Gunn has been keeping secrets — from her parents, from her fiancé, from her brother and, most important, from the British Crown. In Newman’s England, if one possesses magical powers, it must be […]

Havig’s Meddlin’ Madeline returns in superb sequel, “Such a Tease”

Chautona Havig’s Meddlin’ Madeline is back in “Such a Tease.” There is very little I want to say about the plot of this novel, seeing as it is the second in the series and I don’t want to spoil anything for future readers. But the novel was such an enjoyable […]

Sundin’s “When Tides Turn” a fun, fast-paced historical fiction novel

Sarah Sundin’s When Tides Turn is a fun, fast-paced historical fiction novel. The main character, Tess, wants to be seen as more than a pretty face as she joins the newly created Navy WAVES. She has her eyes set on no-nonsense Lt. Dan Avery, whose sole focus is his work — though […]

“Unchained” studies Biblical freedom in depth

Noel Jesse Heikkinen’s recently released Unchained: If Jesus Has Set Us Free, Why Don’t We Feel Free? takes a look at what freedom through Christ really means. He breaks some very interesting ground regarding the chains we place on ourselves when it comes to forgiving ourselves for past mistakes and believing […]

“Because You’re Mine,” perfectly timed for St. Patrick’s

Best-selling author Colleen Coble’s newest release, “Because You’re Mine,” is the perfect read to get into the mood for St. Patrick’s Day. The story involves Irish singer Alanna, whose husband was killed by a car bomb while their Celtic band is on tour. Due to complicated family dynamics, Alanna enters […]

“Moor” well-plotted fun in latest cozy series installment

There are many cozy mystery series out there, so when one stands out above the rest, it’s a reason to take notice. Julianna Deering’s Drew Farthering mysteries are part of a cracking fun, well-plotted series. In her recently released fifth installment, “Murder on the Moor,” Deering adds a heaping spoonful […]