Neverending Stories

“Trust My Heart” an easy read that doesn’t shy away from tough issues

“Trust My Heart” had my attention when I found out that one of the main characters is a journalist. However, I really didn’t really know what to expect from it. The story follows Jamie, a newbie journalist, as she tries to interview Grant McAllister, a man who recently inherited a […]

Orchard returns with art-infused caper in “Another Day Another Dali”

Sandra Orchard returns with another art-infused caper in “Another Day Another Dali.” Agent Serena Jones returns and this time, she is searching for a thief who has stolen a valuable Dali painting belonging to a friend of her grandmother. Agents Jones and Calhoun were wonderful, and Jones’ Aunt Martha and […]

“Waves of Mercy” tackles difficult issues of faith with masterful grace

Lynn Austin’s “Waves of Mercy” is a poignant, multi-generational novel. The story follows three people and their interweaving story lines. Austin is a master when it comes to juggling timelines and crafting wonderful casts of characters. “Waves of Mercy” tackles some very tough issues, such as why God allows believers […]

‘Where Two Hearts Meet’ returns ‘Anne’ lovers to Prince Edward Island

Readers may be drawn to different books for different reasons, but pretty much all readers at some point have been the victim of a “cover” buy. Recently, I had the opportunity to request Liz Johnson’s “Where Two Hearts Meet” and the first thing that caught my eye was Prince Edward […]

Hannon’s “Tangled Webs” a fast-paced, tension-filled thrill ride

Irene Hannon’s “Tangled Webs” is a fast-paced, tension-filled thrill ride. The story follows Finn McGregor as he recovers from a wound that conspires to end his six-year career as an Army Ranger. It also follows Dana Lewis, a book editor who is recovering from her own physical and emotional trauma. […]

Honigford masterfully uses atmosphere to propel plot of ‘Darkness Knows’

Atmosphere can make or break a novel. Unfortunately, many authors under-appreciate its value and therefore under-use it. Cheryl Honigford is not one of those authors. Her debut novel, “The Darkness Knows” (Aug. 2, 2016, Sourcebooks Landmark), is a masterful display in the use of atmosphere to add depth to a […]

Fisher offers ‘The Devoted’ iPad Mini giveaway

You’re invited back to Stoney Ridge for a story of dreams deferred and hopes fulfilled in “The Devoted.” Bright, curious, and restless, Ruthie Stoltzfus loves her family, but is stuck in a sea of indecision about her future: Should she stay Amish? Or should she leave? She’s done all she can […]

“A Lady Unrivaled” a fresh, original take in familiar Edwardian setting

Lady Ella Myerston knew more than everyone thought she did — and more than they thought she should. She pressed her back to the warm stones, sliding silently behind an evergreen hedge to avoid a servant. Breath held, she waited for him to pass before daring to take another step. […]

Journey with the ‘Mother of Oregon’ in “This Road We Traveled”

It was a land of timber, challenge and trepidation, forcing struggles beyond any she had known, and she’d known many in her sixty-six years. But Tabitha Moffat Brown decided at that moment, with wind and snow as companions in this dread, that she would not let the last entry in […]

“Scriptorium” a beautifully written collection of poems, publishes Oct. 18

“Scriptorium” is a beautifully written collection of poems by Melissa Range. One of the 2015 National Poetry Series winners, its central theme deals with questions regarding religious authority. Now, I’m in no way a poetry expert, but I do enjoy reading poetry collections from time to time. This collection, like […]