Shutterbug 2.0: A brief explanation of aperture, f-stops and depth of field

Once upon a time, I used to be a shutterbug. In fact, I actually went to school to study photography. I wanted to be the next Ansel Adams or the Nick Brandt of America. But like a lot of artistic people, “real life” — otherwise known as bills, jobs and the […]

K&O Steam and Gas Engine Show coming to Winfield this weekend

WINFIELD — The 36th annual K&O Steam and Gas Engine Show is coming to Winfield on Aug. 18-20. This show features track tractors and stationary engines, with live entertainment and exhibitions during the weekend. The K&O Steam and Gas Engine Association, headed by President Billy Metzinger, is keeping the show […]

Free VINE service alerts crime victims to offender custody status changes

The Cowley County Sheriff’s Office is providing a new, free service to notify crime victims of offender custody status changes. The Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) system, developed by Appriss, provides victims of crime with access to timely and reliable offender custody information. This service is free to the […]

Facebook privacy, safety tips even more important as hacking on the rise

Yet another Facebook hacker scare appeared on the popular social media site last week. But instead of dwelling on who “Jayden K. Smith” is or on the messages that continue to appear on Facebook, I’d like to focus on how to keep your social media page safe. Before we start: […]

The easy, informative guide to buying used or refurbished technology items

Buying electronics secondhand long has held a stigma that many electronics users aren’t quite ready to move beyond. There’s no denying that being the first one to use a piece of technology can be satisfying. Even I have some satisfaction from pulling the protective plastic coverings off screens that have not […]

Volunteering, house chores among summer alternatives to tech addiction

Summer is in full swing and children of all ages likely are spending more time indoors since temperatures have risen. But what are they doing while Mom and Dad are away from home? Screen time affects brain patterns similar to the way addictions do, according to a recent study conducted […]

Amateur Radio Field Day event to span June 24-25 at Lions Club Park

The 2017 Amateur Radio Field Day will start at noon June 24. The event will last into June 25. The ham radio open house is held every June in Cowley County. At the same time, an estimated 40,000 hams nationwide set up temporary transmitting stations in public places to demonstrate […]

Cowley College welding instructor Bob Moffatt conducts TIG Boot Camp

Cowley College welding instructor Bob Moffatt recently conducted the first of two Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Boot Camps on June 4-9 in Arkansas City. The initial Boot Camp teaches the basics of TIG welding, while the second TIG Boot Camp, scheduled for June 19-23, will move into more advanced TIG […]

Don’t let the tears flow: Protect computers from WannaCry ransomware

A brand new “ransomware” virus has hit several major organizations in the past week. The ransomware is called WannaCry or WannaCrypt, and it is popping up worldwide. Since May 12, the ransomware not only has hit companies within the United States, but it also has been identified in 150 other […]

Rogue One impresses with emotional story, cutting-edge digital effects

As a rule, I try not to add spoilers to my Nerds Unite blog. Spoilers make every movie and television show less fun for those who haven’t seen them. But I’m breaking my own rule this week — so read on at your own risk! No Rogue One left standing […]