Apple fans abuzz about possible loss of headphone jack in iPhone 7

As with every previous release of the iPhone, the anticipated release of the iPhone 7 has caused a stir with loyal users. There have been rumors of design changes for many months, including the elimination of the headphone jack. There have been several online sources that have demonstrated this change […]

Ark City Daily Bytes could experience down times during server migration

Due to steadily increasing traffic from our unfailing Ark City Daily Bytes readership, we need to move our website,, to a new host provider. Our current host has been unable to keep up with our traffic demands, leading to issues with content uploads and the speed of news delivery. […]

Is millennials’ debt killing entrepreneurship?

You have heard time and again that student loan debt is taking over the lives of millions of millennials. Well, the situation may be even more bleak than previously thought, according to new data collected by the U.S. Department of Education: “The total amount of outstanding direct student loans stood […]