McDonald’s Sewing and Vacuum has several sales going on this month, including many sewing machine models, patterns and notions.

There also are ongoing classes on the schedule, as well as open sewing every week.

“We have several sales going on at once,” said store owner Patrick McDonald.

“We have a Red Dot 50-percent-off sale on a number of products that have been in the store too long that we need to sell to make room for new stuff. All of our embroidery machines are on sale from 35 to 60 percent off.”

But the sales aren’t the only new thing around the store. McDonald’s wife, Dalene, recently started working in the store full time.

“She started working in the store about a year ago, but spent most of her time working for Designs in Machine Embroidery magazine, teaching classes around the country,” said Patrick McDonald. “She just gave that up a couple of months ago to work in the store full time.”

McDonald vacuum history

Patrick McDonald has worked with vacuums for many years. In fact, his career started when he went to college in Phoenix, Arizona.

“I went down the street, hitting each business for a job,” he said.

“House of Vacuums (and Sewing Machines) hired me, and I worked there all the way through college.”

After college, McDonald worked as an electronic engineer for a few years.

“I couldn’t stand big cities, so I went back to retail in small towns,” he said.

“When I came back to Ark City, I worked with Reedy Ford for a short time, then Future Beef. When Future Beef closed down, I bought (McDonald’s Used Books). Within two months, I brought in vacuums and started doing repairs.”

When McDonald’s Sewing and Vacuum moved to its new location at 222 S. Summit St., the bookstore was left behind. It is now owned and operated by Ark City Daily Bytes co-owner Kayleigh Lawson.

City-complicated courtship

It was only eight years ago that the McDonalds were married. They had met when Patrick was serving on the City Commission.

“She came to Ark City to take over the public library,” he said. “We met and talked a bit, but she wouldn’t go out with me because (it was) a possible conflict of interest. I had to get the city attorney’s permission to ask her out.”

It was only after City Attorney Tamara Niles gave the OK that McDonald felt comfortable dating the library director.

“(I) had a little help from my brother, Ralph McDonald, in getting her out the first time, and later on from Commissioner Jay Warren,” he said.

“But Tamara Niles gets the credit for saying it was OK.”

Dalene had just been hired at the public library a couple of months before they met for the first time.

“She liked my scooter I rode at the time, and the fact that I had a used book store,” Patrick said.

“You really should get her side of the story. It might sound quite different.”