Love can crop up in unusual places. This is especially true for one of Arkansas City’s finest.

Arkansas City Master Police Officer Chase Hobart and his wife, Krysta, met in jail.

“It’s not what you’re thinking!” said Chase Hobart. “Neither of us are criminals.”

Hobart started his career at the Cowley County Jail. While he was employed at the jail, Krysta started working there, as well.

“At the time we met, we both were going through the ends of previously bad marriages,” he said. “We began talking. Our friendship blossomed into a relationship after a while.”

Hobart knew she was the one when an unexpected tragedy struck in his life, he said. When his mother passed away, Krysta stuck by his side.

“I remember my wife telling me, ‘I’m not going anywhere unless you tell me to,’” he said. “Knowing she would always have my back and be my support told me God put her in my life for a reason.”

Though the couple met in 2010, it took three years for them to move forward again.

“I finally got the courage to jump back up on the saddle after (a) bad relationship in the past and I proposed to my wife February 23, 2013,” said Chase Hobart.

As he remembers it, Krysta’s response was, “It’s about time!”

The pair began to plan wedding dates, but soon found out they were expecting a child.

Before the Hobarts finally married in April 2017, they found out they were expecting a second time.

“After we finally had our last two baby girls to complete our family, we tied the knot!” said Chase Hobart.