There is nothing I love more than a book that somehow is centered on books.

In Becca Wilhite’s Check Me Out, we are introduced to small-town librarian Greta and the bookish fun begins.

Greta loves her job, her home and her friends.

But when changing times and budget needs threaten, she realizes she is going to have to fight to hold on to the life she has created for herself.

Meanwhile, a new romance proves more confusing than Greta expected.

Wilhite does a wonderful job of creating a story that pulls you in.

The pacing of the story definitely kept me turning the pages to find out what would happen next.

Greta is the sole point of view in the novel and we see everything through her eyes.

I really enjoyed Greta’s passion for things, but at times, I found her obviousness frustrating — much like a friend who just isn’t quite catching on.

Her relationships with her friend, Will; her love interest, Mac; and others definitely are the driving factor in the story.

The nods to Cyrano de Bergerac were very appreciated by me, as this is my favorite type of tale.

Check Me Out is a fun, sweet tale perfect for Valentine’s season.

While it might not be breaking any new ground, it gives an extremely enjoyable spin to a classic tale.