Summer is in full swing and children of all ages likely are spending more time indoors since temperatures have risen. But what are they doing while Mom and Dad are away from home?

Screen time affects brain patterns similar to the way addictions do, according to a recent study conducted by addiction psychologist Dr. Nicholas Kardaras.

Kardaras used the data to write the upcoming book Glow Kids: How Screen Addiction Is Hijacking Our Kids — and How to Break the Trance. It will be released Aug. 9.

When the technology we use also has apps and programs that allow for learning, it can be difficult to limit tech time.

However, there are simple things that can be done to make sure kids who stay home during the summer are experiencing other things every day, too.


There are many volunteering opportunities in Cowley County, including at the Cowley County Humane Society.

There is a plethora of activities with which the humane society needs help. For example:

  • feeding, cleaning and caring for shelter animals, as well as providing for their comfort and well-being;
  • helping the shelter animals to feel healthy and cared for by brushing, bathing, and grooming them;
  • walking dogs — the dogs benefit tremendously from the exercise and human companionship;
  • working with puppies, kittens or assigned dogs and cats to make them more sociable;
  • providing administrative support, such as filing, bookkeeping, data entry, and more in a busy office environment with people and animals.

Tech vs. to-do lists

Some parents choose to change the internet password before leaving in the morning.

They leave chores for their child and, once the list is completed, the Wi-Fi password is given to the child.

Some possible ideas for such lists include:

  • washing dishes;
  • folding laundry;
  • cleaning his or her room;
  • vacuuming;
  • completing 20 minutes of exercise;
  • completing 20 minutes of reading a book;
  • walking the dog;
  • doing something nice for a neighbor.

Remember, the effect of screen time on children is no different than in adults.

So please take some time to do other things with your children or friends that do not revolve around tech.