An Arkansas City man is set to make his mixed martial arts (MMA) debut later this month.


Rumble Between the Rivers, an MMA event in Arkansas City, will be Chris Salcedo’s entry into the sport.

The 28-year-old has been preparing for the event since he signed up for the fight more than a month ago.

“Since then, if I’m not physically practicing, I’m watching films or videos,” Salcedo said.

His preparation did not begin at that point, though. Salcedo has been training for more than a decade.

“My training started when I was about 12, when I got into wrestling,” he said. “I’ve wrestled since then and got into boxing in high school.”

His father, Luis, influenced his desire to become involved in boxing and other fighting sports.

“He grew up doing it and enjoyed everything about the sport,” said Chris Salcedo. “Being my biggest influence/role model, (I) slowly got into it, wanting to make him proud.”

While Salcedo has not yet been in a formal match, he has been training with other MMA fighters who are competing.

Rumble Between the Rivers will take place on Sept. 30. Salcedo is only one of several fighters who will be featured that night.

The event begins at 6:30 p.m. at the Agri-Business Building, located at 712 W. Washington Ave.

“I’m a little anxious, a little nervous, and just ready to get out there and compete again,” Salcedo said.

“My pops (Luis) always told me if you aren’t a little nervous, you’re probably not ready. He’s been a big help, making sure I’m eating the right things and focusing on key things needed to win the fight.”