Clean Queen of CowleySarah Haney is hard at work providing cleaning services in Cowley County through her startup business, Clean Queen of Cowley.

Haney originally is from Winfield, but spent a few years gaining valuable work experience in Wichita.

Prior to coming back to this area, she helped a friend with her business venture, Maid of Honor Cleaning Service in Wichita.

Her decision to work in this particular service industry was one Haney made with her family in mind.

“(I want) to provide families … more time together,” she said.

“(I want them to) be able to come home to a clean home and not (have) to worry about stressing over cleaning.”

Haney said that through the services she offers, hard-working families can have peace of mind about their homes even though their schedules might be hectic.

“I’m a hard-working single mother that knows it sucks to have to come home and clean after a long day,” she said.

Clean Queen services

The products Haney uses to clean with are chemical free and safe for the whole family, “animals included,” she said.

While she does not provide carpet cleaning services, she does nearly everything else that could be included in the deep cleaning of a home.

“I have elderly couples that only want me to dust and do floors because it is too strenuous for them,” Haney said.

“Or some may just want me to do a specific thing — only bathrooms, only bedding.”

Haney has shaped the business in such a way that her customers can tailor-fit her services to exactly what they need. Among those are:

  • basic, deep, one-time cleanings;
  • move-in and move-out cleanings;
  • residential and commercial services;
  • organizational services.

“Move-out cleans can include baseboards, walls, hand-mopping floors…,” Haney said. “I’m the real, live Cinderella.”

Queen of the clean

Although it is a lot of hard work, Haney said she does not regret starting her own business.

“At the end of the day, I may be exhausted, but I’m satisfied that I made someone happy by coming home to a fresh house,” she said.

Haney’s decision to become a business owner comes with perks that allow her to be a more flexible single mother.

“I can make my own schedule, allowing me to be flexible for my children and their millions of activities,” she said.

“The best I can explain coming to a home that I had just cleaned is … like being a little kid at Christmas and seeing all of your presents.

“Sounds cheesy, but it’s like ultimate happiness.”