Cowley College has released the names and applications of two citizens who have indicated interest in filling a vacant trustee seat.

Cowley College logoMichael Bergagnini, of Parkerfield, and Nancy Burger, of Winfield, both have applied to be considered.

Bergagnini was one of seven people who ran for the Cowley College Board of Trustees in last month’s election.

He received 1,115 votes in the election, finishing fifth after former county commissioner Gary Wilson, who was elected to a seat.

Burger was not a candidate in the election and does not cite any prior experience on boards in her application.

The next Cowley College Board of Trustees meeting is at 6 p.m. Dec. 11 in the president’s dining room at the McAtee Dining Center.

While the appointing of a new trustee to fill a vacancy is not listed on the agenda, the meeting will occur 19 days after official notice of the vacancy was published, so the trustees will have to option to appoint someone if they so choose.

Kansas statute requires at least 15 days to pass between the official notification being published and the appointment of a new trustee.

The board also will meet for its annual Christmas dinner at 5 p.m. This also is open to the public, but attendees will not be served food.