Astrid is a 9-month-old female Australian cattle dog who loves being around people.

She has a docile personality and can get along with other dogs.

Astrid needs some training and a loving home. Being at the shelter appears to make her nervous.


Mrs. Claus is an 8-year-old female boxer-shepherd mix.

She loves working for treats and has a special fondness for hot dogs.

Mrs. Claus is shy and gentle, but likes being around people.

However, she can be picky about other animals and prefers to be around calm dogs.

Mrs. Claus needs a family that will be patient with her as she comes to know them.


Donner is a 3-year-old male orange and white tabby.

He is “hands on” and loves to be scratched.

Donner is curious about toys and loves to bask in the sunlight.

He also loves treats.


Duke is a black and white dwarf rabbit.

It is very curious, and loves to be held and cuddled.

Mrs Claus