A new concept in health and wellness for Cowley County is set to open its doors in just a few weeks.

Cowley HealthWoRX

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FROM LEFT: The Cowley HealthWoRX team consists of Diane Ray, Shari Spencer and Cherie Bahm.

Cowley HealthWoRX is a Direct Primary Care clinic formed through a partnership between South Central Kansas Medical Center and Revere Healthcare Solutions Inc. (RHS). Located on the medical center campus at 6403 Patterson Pkwy. in Arkansas City, the clinic hopes to be a catalyst for improved health within the community by emphasizing preventative health care.

The partners have been working together for several months to prepare for the previously unnamed clinic’s opening Jan. 2, 2018.

“We have put a great amount of thinking in identifying and designing a brand which is meant to signify the evolution of SCKMC from a traditional facility delivering reactive health care to a center for health and wellness for our community” said Virgil Watson, SCKMC’s chief executive officer. “We believe that as far as our community is concerned, Cowley HealthWoRX will be the front door for this change towards preventative health care.”

In addition to preventative health, Cowley HealthWoRX will offer traditional primary care services, occupational health and testing services without the typical wait times for appointments or red tape from insurance companies. The clinic is employer-driven, meaning it is designed to be offered as a benefit to a company’s employees with no out-of-pocket deductibles or office visit co-pays for individuals who are covered through the program.

“While our program is not meant to replace health care insurance, it does provide a robust safety net for employers offering higher-deductible plans or no insurance,” said Carmine Di Palo, RHS chairman and chief executive officer.

“Its preventive nature also contributes to (maintaining) a fully insured population insurable for the long term, by curbing the significant health care insurance premiums experienced by employers, though managing, controlling and sometimes reversing health risk factors.”

The Cowley HealthWoRX team initially will include advanced practice registered nurse Cherie Bahm, registered dietitian Diane Ray and clinic administrator Shari Spencer. The team is energetic, focused and small by design.

“I think that the individual advantage to Direct Primary Care is having one-on-one access with a practitioner. In that practitioner-client relationship, the care is patient focused from the moment they walk through the door,” Bahm said.

“From that, I think the clients will feel more like they are being listened to. (By) having 30 minutes with you from start to finish, I am going to learn a whole lot more about you then if I have three or four other people going in to talk to you.”

Employers interested in learning more about the Direct Primary Care clinic should contact Watson at South Central Kansas Medical Center by calling (620) 442-2500 or visiting www.cowleyhealthworx.com.

This information was provided by South Central Kansas Medical Center Marketing Director Clayton Pappan.