There were a total of 2,238 fire incidents in 2015, just in Arkansas City alone.

Most of those fires were house, vehicle, grass or electrical fires. These types of fires most likely occurred in or near a house.

Have you come up with a fire safety plan to keep you and your family safe from fires?

It always is good to have a plan of action when it comes to fires.

When preparing yourself or your family, make sure they always know at least two ways in every room to escape the house.

That way, even if they are caught off guard, they still know they can get out and get help.

Make sure everyone knows where to meet after they escape.

This part is crucial because if someone doesn’t show up immediately after you call 911, you can tell the dispatcher someone is in the building.

The Fourth of July is a big fire hazard every year. Soak used fireworks after being setting them off as a precaution, according Arkansas City Firefighter-Paramedic Paul Hunter.

He also said that if a firework doesn’t go off, do not approach it. Move down further and continue to set off fireworks, but go back later with a hose and spray it down before picking it up.

Fires are everywhere and some are unavoidable.

Having a plan is putting your safety first. Create a plan, practice it and perfect it.

This story was written by Ark City Daily Bytes Intern Emily Baum.