I grew up watching action films, having been instilled with an appreciation of various martial arts and martial arts movies by my father from a very young age.

As much as Disney was a part of my youth, so too were the works of Bruce and Brandon Lee, Jet Li, Chuck Norris, and Jackie Chan, among others, as I grew older. Chan always was one of my favorites, probably because a lot of his film had his signature blend of humor mixed into their high-octane story lines.

In recent years, Chan has kept quite busy — a quick look at IMDB shows seven of his films released in the last three years, plus 11 upcoming projects — and has turned in several more somber films. These films did not smash the box office, though, as the somewhat underappreciated “1911 Revolution” and “Shaolin” attest.

So imagine my surprise when a trailer for Chan’s new blockbuster, “The Foreigner,” popped up recently in my YouTube feed.

“The Foreigner” is a big-budget film from Martin Campbell, director of “Casino Royale,” that shows a much more serious Chan pitted against Pierce Brosnan.

Chan plays a father grieving the death of his daughter in a London bombing. He searches for those responsible and appears determined to find them, no matter what the cost.

Obviously, one can’t glean a whole movie’s worth of plot content from a two-minute trailer. However, I was more then impressed by what was there.

The depth of emotion Chan displays, the way he easily conveys grief with a simple look and the many action sequences all appear top-notch — as all of Chan’s work tends to be.

Overall, fans of Chan definitely should keep “The Foreigner” on their radars. It’s set to be released Oct. 13 in the United States. Check out the trailer below!