The Merc with the Mouth nearly missed the opportunity to have a self-titled Marvel movie — Fox only gave the film a budget of $58 million after fans begged, pleaded and, I’m sure, tried to bribe the movie into existence.

Courtesy photo

Courtesy photo

While in theaters, “Deadpool” managed to gross $362,200,563, proving there is a market for the foul-mouthed anti-hero.

That’s not quite right, though … the chaotic neutral?

At any rate, Ryan Reynolds made an appearance in 2009 as Wade Wilson in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.”

But fans were not happy.

There was no mention of cancer and there was no costume — there was a nod to the mask, but the black and red were not seen.

Most tragically of all, Deadpool’s mouth was sewn shut after the Weapon X program modified his body.

How is Wade Wilson himself without his sarcasm?

In July 2014, test footage of a potential Deadpool movie was leaked, in which we saw the mercenary break the fourth wall.

There was no story or plot to the 1 minute, 41 second clip, but it gave hope to those who have a deep appreciation for the dark character.

Arguments about how to rate the movie ensued. Questions about rating the film R or even NC-17, and whether those ratings could be feasible for a Marvel movie, were tossed around for what felt like forever.

At the end of all the arguing, the movie was rated R.

“Deadpool,” which opened this year on Valentine’s Day, took off.

My husband and I tried to see it the first weekend it was open, but could not get into the theater.

As I walked up to the doors, employees announced the movie was completely sold out for the rest of the day.

While we swore we would go back and see it there, we ended up waiting for it to be available at home.

We were not disappointed.

The main character was on point. The test footage showed us exactly what to expect out of the character and did not lead us on.

Almost every moment was packed full of either intense action or snarky wordplay.

Some elements were subpar — spoilers ahead.

For instance, why were there only two mutants at Charles Xavier’s School for the Gifted?

It boils down to the tiny budget that Fox gave the movie.

However, the response to the movie was so intense that there already has been a second movie announced. It will be released in 2017.

Reynolds has signed on to the reprise the role of Deadpool already.

Here’s hoping the studio gives them ample money this time…