Local business owner Deb Hunt is gearing up for another busy season.

This time of year always brings an increase in folks seeking holiday-scented candles.

“I am always going somewhere,” Hunt said.

She spends quite a bit of time selling her wares at craft shows all across Kansas and Oklahoma.

“I joined Gold Canyon (Candles) in October 2009,” Hunt said.

Many ways to buy candles

Hunt sells her candles through a business named Debby’s Gold Canyon Candles.

“I liked the strong fragrance and that they were all natural,” she said. “(And the fact) that the scent was all the way through the candle.”

It is not unusual to find Hunt sitting under the Wilson Park rotunda during a Farm and Art Market or during the Last Run Car Show’s craft fair.

But she sells outside of traditional craft fairs, too.

“I sell them from home. People can find me by phone or email,” she said. “I also have a website, debsgifts.mygc.com.”

Two businesses for price of one

Hunt also owns a small engine parts business called End of the Hunt.

Her late husband, George, owned a parts business prior to his death.

“The parts, I learned from him. He started an outdoor power equipment business and that was where I learned the parts end of it,” said Deb Hunt. “His business was (named) George’s.”

The small engines with which she can help customers are found in lawn mowers, chain saws and weed trimmers.

“End of the Hunt has been around since 2013,” she said.

Beats punching a clock

Hunt said she enjoys being self-employed.

“(I like) being the boss. (And) not having to punch a time clock,” she said.

Her businesses also afford her the opportunity to come and go as she pleases.

“That way, if I need to run an errand, I can,” she said.

Another opportunity that being self-employed offers Hunt is the ability to help locals with fundraising.

“I can help schools and organizations with fundraisers,” Hunt said.

Those fundraisers are done through her Gold Canyon candle business.